A Tradition Since 1870: Honey Leaves


HoneyLeaves produces the organic honey which is known as Hizan Honey. Uses the honey production method, which has been practiced in Hizan Plateau that is one of the highest plateaus in Turkey, since 1870.

In the rich flower cover of Hizan Plateau in Bitlis, embodying approximately 2500 different flowers, the production is carried out in the hives located in the nature away from settlements.

The extracts collected from the freshest and unharmed flowers at a height where the access to the plateau is made with even horses are processed by our bees in organic hives. The whole process is carried out compatible with the natural system, and by ecological means and without any chemical substances.

In order to prevent any harm done to any living beings during our organic production processes, we, as Honey Leaves, work with patience and care since 1870.

World Leader in Pollen Richness

Honey Leaves  has been selected as World Leader in pollen richness as a result of the analyses and measurements conducted.

While Honey Leaves introduces the miracle of honey to you, it does not sacrifice the naturalness of its taste. Aiming to extend this tradition of centuries to many people with its e-commerce platform, Honey Leaves provides organic honey varieties with different options.

Honey Leaves now reaches all over the world with the taste that comes from the hive of taste and health.


Naturalness Guaranteed by Honey Leaves

We always work to provide healthy, pure and natural honey.

Honey Leaves producing organic honey since 1870, has established the first certified organic honey production facility in Turkey. What do we do to provide you with the most natural honey?


  • We do not use industrial wax (paraffin) on the frames where the organic honey is produced. The frames are fully processed with organic waxes produced by bees.
  • We do not use agricultural pesticides in the areas where the organic hives are located.
  • We carry out our production at high plateaus away from settlements where there is no exhaust gas in the area that the bees use water from.
  • We do not give our bees any additives to increase the yield of honey.
  • We do not apply paint to the hives where the organic honey is produced and we do not use nylon covers in the hives. In this way, the products in the hives waiting under the sun all year round are prevented from the contamination of chemical and inorganic substances.
  • Unlike other conventional production hives, we choose nails, wires and other metal components in our organic hives from stainless chrome steel materials.
  • We don't give our bees any medicine that leaves chemical marks in the hive in response to bee diseases. We produce solutions with natural methods.
  • Our Honey Leaves products, which are produced untouched and without using any additives, are tested in European accredited laboratories for compliance with hygiene conditions, and we offer them to our esteemed customers only after the approvals are taken.
  • We consider the life of nature and living beings as our own as well as your life, and we always work diligently and patiently to carry out our