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Why Hizan Honey?

Hizan Honey Comes from the Hizan Plateau in Bitlis, Which is one of the Highest Plateaus in Turkey. One Feature of this Plateau is that It Has a Quite Rich Flower Cover. Since there are no Roads to this Plateau at such a Height, Pack Animals are Used during the Extraction of the Hives. At Every Opportunity, We Mention that the Honey is a Great Gift. It Requires a Special Care and Patience Beginning from its Production to our Tables. 
This is Why Both its Flavor and Benefits are at the Peak. The Special Love that it Deserves is Sometimes Big Enough to Begin with One Spoon and End at the Bottom of the Jar. It is Certainly Exciting to Think that Honey with Different Varieties Consists of Pollen Collected from the Various Flowers of the Region. The Bees Excellently Weave Each Flower in the Region on the Combs with a Magnificent Harmony. A Gorgeous Beauty Caressing the Throat...

  •                ORGANİC HONEY
  •                HONEY AS GİFT
  •                   NATURAL HONEY
  •                NATURAL HONEY
  •                NATURAL HONEY
  •                NATURAL HONEY
$29.17 Vat included
$29.17 Vat included
$29.17 Vat included
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